Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hero denied a home after leaving Army

I am away for the weekend and decide to leave the internet alone for a few days, but having seen a story in today’s newspapers I just had to let you know about it.
The picture is of hero Private Joe McDonald who last year left the army after nine years. During his service he completed a gruelling seven month tour of Southern Iraq. He laid his life on the line to fight insurgents while protecting Army convoys carrying food, ammunition and kit to troops in UK bases.
On his return, Private McDonald applied for housing for his family (himself, wife Rachel,21, and children Ellen-May,4, Harry-Joe, 19 months, and baby Maissy-Ann) in Bexley, South-east London, where he grew up.

He was turned down.
According to the council he ‘made himself homeless’ by leaving Army quarters and was placed at the back of the housing associations queue behind unemployed, single mothers, criminals freed from prison and asylum seekers.
So what happened to the Ministry of Defence’s pledge to give fairer treatment to forces’ families over accommodation?
Use your vote wisely when the General Election is called as it is Labour that is behind the problem; they are the ones that have allowed our country to become what it is today. A country rife with crime, flooded with criminals and  international benefit seekers, spring-boarded above the people they should be helping...

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