Sunday, 11 April 2010

Amber Valley BNP's Michael Clarke challenges the opposition

The first week of campaigning by the Establishment Parties has seen them waging a phoney war, constantly bitching and cat fighting about secondary issues such as National Insurance contributions and tax breaks for their respective target audiences, whilst ignoring the nation changing issues that should be the prime subjects in a General Election.

Our canvassing returns expose the disillusionment with the LibLabCon among the general public, and the fact that there is only a ‘glossing over’ of issues such as mass immigration and our continued membership of the European Union. Add on the SLEAZE FACTOR and the pathetic attempts ‘to clean up Westminster’ and one can begin to see why fears of the lowest voter turnout ever may become reality.

That is why I am today issuing the following two challenges to the other candidates in Amber Valley.

CHALLENGE 1:         To show that I am not ‘in it for the money’ I pledge, that if elected, I will give 10% of my Parliamentary Salary to local good causes. I challenge The Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates to do the same.

CHALLENGE 2:         I challenge the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates to a PUBLIC DEBATE on the nation changing issues that are, and will be, affecting the lives of every Amber Valley constituent.

Lets not have any nonsense about a ‘no platform’ policy for the BNP, the real issues that this election should be about must be addressed and not swept under the carpet. For my part I am willing to forego my own hesitance to share a platform with a former member of the Communist Party.

Michael Clarke
British National Party Candidate for Amber Valley

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