Monday, 12 April 2010

Jobbik take 26 Parliamentary seats in first round of votes

Well done to Gabor Vona on todays success in Hungary!

The first round of the Hungarian Parliamentary elections took place today with Vona's Jobbick taking 16.71% of  the vote and securing their first ever parliamentary seats; twenty six seats in fact, with the second round of voting still to come on April 25th.

842,306 voted for the 'Movement for a Better Hungary' which is double the amount of votes they received in last year's June election.

All this despite receiving the same treatment as the British National Party.

Not once did the media mention Jobbicks policies despite their manifesto being published three months ago. However, they did call them 'far right extremists', 'Fascistic Nazi ultra-nationalist', and not forgetting 'anti-semitic holocaust deniers'.

Does that ring a bell? Of course it does.

But that is to be expected from the socialist media isn't it?

The full story can be read HERE

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