Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fascist and racist UAF kicked out of Anfield

UAF fascists on the prowl, but not for long...                                                                                                                                                                    
It appears that leaflets posted through letterboxes by the UAF in Anfield outraged residents so much that they chased them off, according to the Merseyside BNP blogspot.

Here’s what they have to say:

News is coming in to me that the fascist UAF were chased out of Anfield today by outraged residents. Apparently residents were seething about the leaflets these cowards were putting through letterboxes there. It is well known that the UAF scum are serial offenders when it comes to interfering in the democratic process. They are Marxist, communist cowards who hate the British flag and who also hide and lurk in the shadows. They also organise and snuggle up with Muslim extremists, organising protests against our homecoming soldiers. None of them have got the bottle to stand in elections themselves.

It is great that they are confronted and exposed as the cowards wherever they go, as what's happened to them in Anfield today. Liverpool BNP will always expose, confront and photograph them wherever they go. As such up to and through the election period Liverpool Nationalist activists, in all areas will have their cameras and recording equipment to hand and will follow and record them if we get word they are out and about in Liverpool areas.

Quite often Labour Party election candidates also help the UAF as they are paymasters of the UAF. It is illegal during the election period for Labour candidates to deliver this bile as it will have to be offset against their expenses. You have been warned so as we know the crooks of the Labour Party break electoral law as a second nature, don't say Liverpool BNP have not warned you. You will all be recorded and the video, photographic evidence will be given to the police and we will publish all evidence on the Internet.

Well done!

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