Sunday, 18 April 2010

The passing of a British hero

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Douglas Tidy. One of the last of "The Few", Douglas was a World War II Royal Air Force member who flew in Wellington bombers.

Douglas joined the British National Party in 2004 "in order," he said "to show the British people the true face of the the BNP."

"I was proud to have fought for this nation during World War II and by joining the BNP, I am still fighting for the freedom and identity of the British people. It is the only party of common sense," he said at the time.

Last year, at the age of 86, he appeared alongside Nick Griffin at the Battle for Britain fundraising road show held in the South West (pictured above right).

Douglas spent his final years at the Officers' Association Country Home at Bishopsteignton in Devon overlooking the River Teign estuary.

"It is a lovely place with a superb garden in which I can walk, and my room looks out over the river. I am truly blessed to have come to this haven of peace in the autumn of my life," Douglas told the British National Party's newspaper Freedom last year.

With the passing of Douglas Tidy, another British hero rests in eternal peace. Millions of heroes, just like Douglas, faced bombs, bullets, tanks, aircraft, death and suffering so that you and I could enjoy life in a free Britain. They fought for Britain - now it is up to us!

Don't we owe it to our War Heroes to up the pace and sacrifice that little bit more in order to achieve a breakthrough on May 6th?

Don't we owe it to our parents and grand-parents, now the torch of British freedom has passed to our generation, to show the same dedication, spirit and fortitude that they showed in our defence?

Think, right now: don't you have a relative that fought for Britain in the Second World War, or any war since then? Don't you owe it to them to help the BNP achieve a breakthrough on May 6th?

Nick Griffin, British National Party

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bertie bert said...

Break the 20,000 BNP members barrier before the end of the election.

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