Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Family jihad tour: European parents are 'taking children to terror training camps'

German intelligence is warning of a new breed of terrorist - whole family groups travelling to training camps on the Afghan-Pakistan border where they learn how to use explosives and raise funds.

Parents travelling with children have in the past raised less suspicion than single men or women travelling to and from Germany.

Now officials have the names of 100 suspects they believe may be radicalised and ready to strike. 
Germany is braced for a terror attack after repeated threats because of its involvement in Afghanistan.

Authorities say the new breed of terrorist - including Germans who have converted to Islam - even travel with babies to the 'bandit country' of Waziristan.

'Authorities are also concerned by the sheer speed with which this third generation are radicalised and their abrupt readiness to disappear and start a new life in a terror training camp,' said a report in Der Spiegel magazine on Monday.

One couple was identified as Jan and Alexandra, 20 and 17, when they vanished with another couple from Berlin to learn jihad. At the time Alexandra was six months' pregnant.

They travelled from Berlin with another couple who authorities suspect were also headed for a new life as jihadists.

Investigators believe Jan has appeared in a video for a new jihadist group, which has posted threats on the internet promising to blow up German landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and the railway station in Hamburg.

Mail Online

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