Sunday, 4 April 2010

English Channel to be rebranded as' the Anglo-French Pond'

The English Channel is to be wiped off the map and replaced with the name ‘the Anglo-French Pond’ under plans by Brussels to bolster the notion of an EU superstate.

A new map to be distributed to schools and bureaucrats will downgrade the English Channel dividing Britain and France and rebrand it at a cost of £1.1million.

British taxpayers will pick up the bill for the revamped atlas, which creates new EU regions and wipes out 1000 years of history.

The rebranding is meant to foster ‘cultural identification within this transfrontier region’.

Britain is parcelled off to different parts of the continent under the Espace Manche Development Initiative, which phases out national boundaries to foster greater EU integration.

Southern England, from Cornwall to Kent, is joined with northern France and becomes known as the TransManche zone. Its capital is Paris and it has its own socialist president, Alain Le Vern.

The West of Britain is parcelled off with parts of France, Spain and Portugal as part of a new Atlantic region.
Eastern Britain along with Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway becomes the North Sea region. And Scotland breaks away from Britain to become part of the Northern Periphery with parts of Norway, Greenland, Iceland and Finland.

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