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Terrorism, Crime and Immigration in Derby - Police Report

If you are in any doubt about who to vote for on May 6th you might like to see some statistics from the April 2009 Derbyshire Police report which can be viewed in full HERE The April 2010 report will no doubt show an increase in these numbers if the above chart is anything to go by...

Derbyshire Police Authority is acutely aware of its responsibility to ensure Derbyshire Constabulary has adequate resources to
Terrorism (UKTA 2009-10 (B7) – Derbyshire faces challenges well above its size.

§  Derby is recognised as one of the country’s highest threat areas for terrorist activity. Over the last 12 months Derbyshire has seen some of the highest security service counter terrorism operations within the UK.
§  Derby has been recognised as a popular venue for the extremist groups Al Muhajiroun.
§  Extremist leader, Omar Bakri Mohammed has publicly stated that Al Muhajiroun has carried out recruitment activity at Derby University.
§  A number of arrests have occurred within Derby related to several national counter terrorist operations.
§  Derby resident, Omar Khan Sharif was involved in a suicide bombing in Israel.
§  Derby resident, Uman Javed, imprisoned for soliciting to murder during Danish cartoon protests.
§  Recently a Derby man was arrested following investigations regarding online threats to kill the Prime Minister.
§  Areas within the Peak District have been used for terrorist training purposes related to almost every single terrorist plot within the UK.

Serious & Organised Crime – is having a real impact on communities across the county. Drugs continue to pose a serious threat. We are understanding more about the threat posed by immigration related crime and sexual exploitation.

§  62 organised crime groups within our county
§  26 crime groups attacking our county from other areas
§  29 street gangs with 300 members
§  11 gun discharges in Derby in the last 12 months
§  12 gang-related firearms recovered in the last 12 months
§  39% more firearms deployments than the regional average
§  1,234 dangerous persons living and being monitored within the community, an increase of 47 % over 6 years

Immigration in Derby

§  80% of our Black and minority ethnic population live in the city of Derby. We have already experienced considerable racial tension between minority ethnic communities for example Iraqi Kurds and the Pakistanis.
§  There are 182 different nationalities living within the city of Derby giving rise to 70 different languages being spoken. This creates a number of unique policing challenges. Out of three wards within the city 33%, 20% and 10% respectively do not use English as their first language.
§  The city hosts the highest population of the Iraqi Kurd community outside London and Birmingham.
§  22% of the city are non-white British
§  Derby has the 6th lowest educational achievement nationally.

There is only one party that can sort this mess out - THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY

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