Saturday, 24 April 2010

Nick Griffin BNP MEP to visit Green Arrow Paltalk Room Sunday 25 April

Remember it? Great video showing Nick Griffin, chairman of the British National Party going walkabout during the evening at last years Red, White and Blue when he surprised some activists by turning up unannounced and entertaining them with a song.

Well that is Nick Griffin for you.  How many other leaders of political parties would take the time out to spend their evening with their activists who are sleeping under canvas?  The answer is none.

Nick Griffin is no longer just another British politician.  He is a World Statesman, perhaps the greatest and believe it or not he may just be the saviour of Western Europe.  If anyone can unite the Nationalist Parties of Europe to fight back against the twin evils of marxism and globalism it is him.  We must guard him - with our lives if necessary.

Well have I got news for you.  Tomorrow evening (Sunday 25 April), sometime after 1900hrs, Nick Griffin BNP MEP will be calling into the Home of the Green Arrow - Promoting the BNP room on Paltalk to say hello and maybe answer a few questions.  Loads of links on right of this site on how to join us there.

The evening will be managed by Bertie Bert and those wishing to ask questions of the chairman of the BNP should contact Bertie in the Paltalk room before tomorrow evening.

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