Thursday, 8 April 2010

A message to all our overseas readers

Carry one of these cards and show your support for the UK

This is a message to all those people overseas who have have ever visited the United Kingdom and either enjoyed their experience or been shocked by the transformation that mass immigration is having on its look and culture. 

The patriots of the British National Party needs all the help it can get if it is to first win back their country and then turn it into the paradise it could be. 

And that is where all you overseas readers can help.  And as you know, help usually involves giving up something be it time or money.  In this case it is money that is needed, as that is the ammunition of all political parties.
  • If you are an American, Canadian, Australian, South African, New Zealander whose roots lie here in the UK you can help.
  • If you are a Western European in any of the occupied regions of the Soviet European Union you can help.
  • If you are an Eastern European still free of the yoke of the Soviet European Union you can help.
It does not matter what your skin colour is or what country in the world you come from.  If you care about England and the rest of the United Kingdom you can help by joining and donating now.

Because now that the membership rules have been changed, anyone who believes in the policies of the British National Party can join and donate to the party that is fighting not just for freedom of the UK but also to act as a beacon of hope to all countries anywhere in the world who wish to determine their own countries path free of marxist and global business control.

To help us NOW, all you need to do is either join the party or donate to it.  Even better if you do both and to make it a little bit easier, here is the link to the appropriate page on the British National Party website.  You send us the money and we will deliver the leaflets. We will hand the newspapers to the public. Our PBI will do the footwork if you give them the ammunition they need.

Now this site knows how much support there is from the rest of the world for the BNP and not just from those where white people are the main population.  Support comes in from Asia, Africa, India, everywhere in fact.  These people who show their support for the BNP recognise that the British People have the right to live and rule in their own land as much as they have to live and rule in theirs. 

I already know of Dutch, Japanese and American members.  Let us see if we can get a world wide membership for the BNP. 

Finally a message for all those people wherever they are in the world, who are curious about the British National Party.  Come and talk to us in our room on Paltalk or just listen in first if you like.  You can find all the links to get you going on the right side of this site.  The only way to discover the truth is to go and look for it.  That room is as good a place as any to start.

So then, there you go.  If you care about Freedom then help the BNP in their epic struggle in the new Battle for Britain.

Article by the Green Arrow

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