Friday, 16 April 2010

Court marshall for Army Officer who refuses to obey Obama

The American Army is to court martial a lieutenant colonel who refuses to deploy to Afghanistan because he won't accept orders from President Obama, whom he considers unqualified to be commander in chief, military officials said Wednesday.

Army doctor Lt. Col. Terry Lakin believes Obama wasn't born in the United States, and therefore does not meet the constitutional requirements to be president, NBC News reported.

Lakin refused to report to Fort Campbell, Ky., for deployment to Afghanistan, and instead showed up at the Pentagon, where he was informed that he would face court martial. His Pentagon building pass and government laptop computer were seized.

The 18-year Army veteran is under investigation for failure to report for deployment and for conduct unbecoming an officer, The Associated Press reported.

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If Obama was born in Hawaii, then why does his wife say on TV that his home country is KENYA?

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