Friday, 16 April 2010

All about Hodge

Another question for you...

Why is it that the opposition parties can say what they like about the British National Party and its members and get away with it, yet whenever something is uncovered about them they spit out their dummies and go crying to the police?

That poisonous dwarf, Margaret Hodge (see picture), has done just that.

In a TV interview alongside the BNP's Nick Griffin the other day she was harping on about Nazism, racism and fascism (yawn) but now is pulling her hair out and screeching like a harpie because The British national party revealed a few things about her in one of their leaflets including:

Hodge having financial interests in a proposed new prison for Barking, she was personally behind a ‘racist’ housing allocation and a member of her staff hanging up on an ex-soldier when he called her office.

If you would like to read more more about Margaret Hodge, a good website 'All about Hodge' can be found HERE

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