Sunday, 4 April 2010

Arson attack on former BNP Manchester HQ


The Ace of Diamonds public house in Miles Platting, Manchester was, up until recently, the HQ of the BNP in Manchester, England. The building was compulsory purchased by Labour controlled Manchester Council under seemingly dubious and politically motivated circumstances.

Friday the 2nd of April 2010 saw this fine old building go up in flames. I was driving past at about 21.00pm when I captured some mobile phone video footage of this famous Manchester landmark going up in smoke.

I am not a BNP member or Supporter, but I totally condemn this attack whether its politically motivated or not. This building was over a hundred years old and was a major focal point of the local community, regardless of the political affiliations of the owner - and as a local myself, its really upsetting to see this part of my past disappear forever.

All right minded people should take no pleasure in the demise of this fine old building. Political spite and vendettas are the tools of the ruling elite - please join me in the condemnation of this Arson Attack.

Article by illuminatimanchester

Although I don't agree with some of illuminati's statements, I would like to thank him for posting this video - Arran

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