Friday, 30 April 2010

Teacher cleared of attempted murder

I previously wrote about Peter Harvey a teacher in mansfield, Nottinghamshire, who attacked one of his pupils and nearly killed him.

The pupil deliberatly set out to intimidate and anger Mr Harvey, which was to be recorded by another pupil and later released around the school and more than likely appear on YouTube.

The boy, who can't be named, was dragged into a stockroom and battered with a 3kg dumbell.

Mr Harvey, who was charged with attempted murder and spent 8 months in prison on remand, was yesterday found not guilty by the jury and released without charge.

Finally we get a judge and jury with commonsense!

While I don't condone Mr Harvey's actions I can fully understand why he snapped. The kids of today are allowed to run riot, thanks to Brown's deliberatey Broken Britain. Maybe after this, children will think twice before ganging up on the people they should be respecting and learning from. I know one pupil that will.

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