Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Lib/Lab/Con dirty tricks increase in run-up to election

The latest dirty campaign tactics adopted by Nigel Mills (Tory), communist Judy Mallaber (Labour) and Tom Snowdon (Lib Dem) have increased in the run-up to the General Election.

First up is the lies given to people on their doorstep. People, especially the aged, are being told it is illegal to vote for the British National Party.

Secondly, well, you can see for yourself the leaflet above.

The illegal leaflets, required by law to name the printer, have been delivered by the Lib/Lab/Con backed UAF thugs to houses around BNP members addresses.

Is there no end to the depths these scum will sink?

While they send out their disgusting 'literature' which incites violence against BNP members, the BNP grows stronger. No amount of intimidation or bullying will stop a true patriot; it only serves to advance our cause.

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